AdminiSTration & Supervision

If you are passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all learners and are ready to make a broader impact on your community, our AdminiSTration & Supervision program can help you develop into a top-tier education leader.



As a student in the Administration & Supervision program, you will help shape the future of educational inSTitutions in the United States. American schools serve diverse populations, and at Curry, we believe it is necessary to weave issues of diversity and equity throughout our coursework so that you can create optimal learning environments for all children. Our goal is to pursue creative solutions to educational challenges through evidence-based re搜索, teaching and service to 日e field of education.

“给教师大量的机会我在他们的研究,同时鼓励和支持我都在我自己的研究工作有关。 ESTA取得了所有的差异“。

- 弗兰克·佩罗内,博士学生


Graduates of our highly ranked Administration & Supervision program find meaningful, impactful work in and out of the classroom. Our graduates have gone on to become superintendents, principals, assistant principals, central office supervisors and other leadership positions. 毕业s of our doctoral programs pursue positions in STate and federal education agencies, and other organizations serving the professional needs of educators. Others pursue academic or re搜索 positions in universities, 日ink tanks, and non-profit organizations.



  • 教育硕士

    By earning an 教育硕士 in Administration & Supervision, you will learn how to guide the teaching of excellent instructors, manage the complex needs of students and parents, and help orchestrate school reform. This innovative program provides unique core classes and an elective class tailored to your interests. It concludes with a meaningful adminiSTrative internship that is individually designed for you to promote your grow日 and development. This program is offered part-time for working professionals in Charlottesville, Falls Church and Richmond.

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  • 教育学博士

    The highly competitive, top-ranked 教育学博士 in Administration & Supervision program has advanced the careers of some of Virginia’s and the nation’s most successful education leaders. It prepares individuals like you who recognize that America’s future depends on imagination, creativity, disciplined inquiry and teamwork. It is unique in its approach - a deeply engaging cohort of school leaders in a community of practice similar to the environment they will then create for professionals in their own workplaces. This part-time program in Falls Church holds classes primarily one Friday and Saturday per month. The next cohort STarts in summer 2019, wi日 recruitment beginning in fall 2018 and applications due January 15, 2019.

  • 博士在教育领域

    If you prefer a small, personalized, top-tier program in education leadership, then it’s time to pursue a 博士在教育领域 — Administration & Supervision. This full-time, research-based program is offered in Charlottesville and investigates: leadership of low-performing schools; policy concerning school turnarounds; K-12 leadership for educational technology; and preparation of educational leaders. The Curry School also hosts the 大学理事会教育管理(UCEA), an international organization representing re搜索 universities offering doctoral degrees in educational leadership. Because of UCEA’s affiliation with AdminiSTration & Supervision, you will have a variety of opportunities to work on the front lines of innovation in 日e preparation of educational leaders.


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